Al Nouf Sea Pavilions

  • Type: Private Residential

  • Size: 5500 m2

  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Year: 2023

The project focused on two large pavilions that frame the sea and mangrove view, serving as an extension of a small existing beachfront family villa. The West pavilion houses new bedrooms, separated from the generous living and dining spaces in the East pavilion. To tie the old and the new, we created a dramatic arrival gate, redesigned the original villa and added several functional areas. All those elements were connected by natural desert landscaping, using plants sourced in the region.

The positioning of the pavilions allowed for unrestricted views from the original house. While the volume of the new villa is minimalist, the extent of projections of the roof was carefully studied to prevent direct heat gains in the unbearably hot summer months.

Narrow shaded spaces between the boundary wall and the pavilion are used to bring in landscaping to the villa, and to create protected pockets, which can be used even in the hottest of months.

View of the East Pavilion.

Lounge in the East Pavilion. Old date palms were retained and relocated where necessary.

Site progress photos.


    Andri Asmara